Hydrogel technology

BR-003 is the first long-lasting local non-opioid uniquely designed for spine surgery. Breakthroughs in material design underlie SentryX's unique hydrogel targeting the main source of postoperative pain. Local sustained non-opioid solutions represent the new direction in pain treatment after musculoskeletal surgery


Bupivacaine is listed on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines because of its more than 50-year track-record in safety and effectiveness. Bupivacaine locally blocks the generation of an action potential in nociceptors preventing the conduction of pain signals to the brain.


SentryX’s proprietary hydrogel consists of fully biocompatible ingredients and dissolves completely in the body over time


A unique combination of strength and elasticity enables placement under challenging surgical circumstances

Platform Potential

Initially tailored towards spine surgery, SentryX’s proprietary hydrogel technology can be adapted to fit a wide variety of inpatient surgical procedures with similar unmet needs in postoperative pain management. Release profile, geometry, and biomechanical properties can be modified to match specific surgical requirements. Other therapeutic pathways could be explored by using different active pharmaceutical ingredients.