Implantable hydrogel technology

The advantages of an implantable hydrogel are threefold:

  • easy and intuitive to use
  • stays in place at the target site
  • controlled and sustained local drug delivery

Precise drug delivery

The hydrogel works with all types of small-molecule drugs. The release profile can be tailored to specific clinical needs and surgical procedures.


The hydrogel is composed of biopolymers and is highly biocompatible and safe. Following release of the active pharmaceutical ingredient, the hydrogel dissolves completely.


The combination of strength and elasticity is a technological breakthrough and enables the hydrogel to be co-implanted with surgical implants, including pedicle screws, under challenging circumstances such as minimal invasive surgery.

Platform Potential

Initially tailored towards spine surgery, the platform is designed to be applied in other surgical indications, including joint replacements and fracture fixation.